Gun Evolution

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What is Gun Evolution?

Gun Evolution is an exhilarating combination of a shooting running game and a strategic merge battle game. Featuring vibrant 3D cartoon models, your mission is to merge powerful guns to secure victory after crossing the finish line in each level. Navigate through the track by shooting numbered pillars to claim the money and items hidden inside. Accumulate enough money to upgrade your attack power (ATK) and speed, making it easier to destroy more pillars along the way. Prepare yourself for an action-packed adventure filled with strategic gun merging and relentless shooting. Good luck!

How Do I Play Gun Evolution?


Mouse click or tap to play.

Slide and shoot the gun to collect better weapons, upgrades, and money.

Gameplay Tips:

Shooting Pillars: Target the numbered pillars on the track to reveal hidden money and items. These rewards will aid you in upgrading your capabilities.

Upgrade Strategically: Use the money you earn to enhance your ATK and speed. Higher attack power helps you destroy pillars faster, while increased speed lets you navigate the track more efficiently.

Merge Guns: Combine guns to form more powerful weapons, crucial for winning battles at the end of each level. Plan your merges carefully to ensure you have the best arsenal possible.

Horde Battle: After crossing the finish line, you will face a horde of enemies. Use your merged guns to fight them off and secure your victory.