Phrasle Master

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What is Phrasle Master?
Guess words of wisdom, proverbs and sayings in a fun brainteaser. Tap the words to make a phrase, and try to solve a riddle in 5 attempts using the color hints. As you progress, hidden phrases get longer, so you will need to apply all your logic and puzzle-solving skills to cope with the solve the riddles. Besides, such word games let you expand your vocabulary and learn foreign languages in a fun way. So, prove your skill as you decipher witty quotes and proverbs in a free word game online.

How Do I Play Phrasle Master?
Tap the words to make a sentence, and decipher the phrase using color prompts. The words in their position are highlighted green. The words used in the sentence elsewhere are marked yellow. Gray words are not used in the riddle. Please, mind that words may be used twice in a phrase.