Pokémon Showdown

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What is Pokémon Showdown?
Pokémon Showdown is a popular online battle simulator and competitive Pokémon platform that allows trainers to engage in virtual Pokémon battles. Designed for both casual players and serious competitive gamers, Pokémon Showdown offers a user-friendly interface and a vast database of Pokémon species, moves, and abilities, making it a comprehensive tool for team building and battling.

Users can create custom Pokémon teams, selecting from a wide range of available creatures, and then challenge other players from around the world in real-time battles. The platform provides a level playing field by automatically setting all Pokémon to level 100, ensuring that battles are determined by strategy and team composition rather than levels or in-game progress.

How Do I Play Pokémon Showdown?
Team Building:
- Click on the Team Builder tab to create a new team.
- Choose your Pokémon: Search for Pokémon by name or using filters, and then add them to your team by selecting their name.
- Select Moves and Abilities: Customize your Pokémon's moves, abilities, items, and EV (Effort Values) spreads.
- Save your Team: Give your team a name and save it for future battles.

Challenge Opponents:
- Go to the Battle tab to start a battle.
- Choose a format: Select the battle format you want to play, such as singles, doubles, or random battles.
- Find an opponent: You can challenge a friend by sharing a link or search for a random opponent.
- Battle: Engage in real-time Pokémon battles by selecting moves for your Pokémon. Battles follow standard Pokémon rules, including type matchups, status conditions, and stat changes.