Vex 3

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What is Vex 3?

Enter the thrilling world of Vex 3, where agility and quick reflexes are your best allies. In this adrenaline-charged 2D platformer, you’ll navigate a labyrinth of deadly traps and obstacles, pushing your skills to the limit. Leap over spikes, sprint past saw blades, and slide under traps in a relentless race to reach the end of each level. Vex 3 introduces ten meticulously designed new areas and nine intense challenge modes, each offering a unique blend of peril and excitement. Are you brave enough to tackle this high-speed adventure and emerge victorious?

How Do I Play Vex 3?

Desktop Controls:

W or Up Arrow - Jump

A or Left Arrow - Move Left

D or Right Arrow - Move Right

S or Down Arrow - Slide

Mobile Controls:

Touch the left side of the screen to move left

Touch the right side of the screen to move right

Swipe up to jump

Swipe down to slide

Gameplay Tips:

Quick Reflexes: Be ready to jump, run, and slide at a moment's notice to avoid obstacles

Explore: Discover ten brand new areas with unique challenges and obstacles

Challenge Modes: Test your skills in nine different challenge modes

Patience and Practice: Mastering the levels requires patience and practice, so keep trying and don’t give up!

Immerse yourself in the fast-paced, pulse-pounding action of Vex 3, and see if you can conquer all the treacherous levels and challenges. Ready to face the ultimate test of skill and nerve? Play Vex 3 now and find out!