Command Strike FPS 2

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What is Command Strike FPS 2?
Welcome to a thrilling first person shooter experience! Engage in a realistic commando mission in this dynamic shooting game. Explore classic elements and favorite features of FPS games in Command Strike FPS: - Encounter diverse maps for intense battles. - Enjoy offline game modes including Deathmatch, Flag capture, and Missions. - Arm yourself with powerful guns and pistols. - Master simple shooting controls for seamless gameplay. Immerse yourself in action-packed battles and unleash your skills to rise as a super soldier. Grab your weapon and join the fray! Prepare to undertake special commando missions and dominate the battlefield.

How Do I Play Command Strike FPS 2?
- WASD to move
- G for grenade
- H for use first aid kit
- C for squat
- M1 for aim
- M2 for shooting
- SPACE for jump
- ESC for menu
- SCROLL WHEEL for change weapon