Horseback Survival

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What is Horseback Survival?
Embark on a journey of survival in Horseback Survival, where you, as Zohan, share an unbreakable connection with your horse, Badal. Born on the same day, your unique bond becomes a lifeline when a mysterious event leaves you in a coma. Navigate a zombie-infested world, engage in intense combat with melee and ranged attacks, outsmart the undead by staying stealthy, and overcome obstacles with strategic running and jumping.

How Do I Play Horseback Survival?
For Mobile:
Joystick for movement
Jump button to jump
Click on the left side of the screen to perform a melee attack
Hold and drag on the left side of the screen to aim and release to shoot

For Desktop:
A/D to move
Space for jump
Shift to run
Q to attack
Click and drag to fire slingshot