Online Strike Assault

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What is Online Strike Assault?
Online Strike Assault: The Ultimate Team Deathmatch Experience

Dive into the heart of urban warfare with Online Strike Assault, a third-person shooter (TPS) game where two teams, Red and Blue, clash in an exhilarating team deathmatch. Each team has six players battling for supremacy in a sprawling city landscape. Strategy, skill, and teamwork are crucial to securing victory. The first team to reach 60 kills wins the battle, ensuring fast-paced action from start to finish.

How Do I Play Online Strike Assault?

WASD to move
E to use Skill (2 kills required)
Space to jump
T for global chat
Y for team chat
Mouse to shoot
Shift to run
P to pause the game
G to throw a grenade
R to reload your weapon
Q to crouch
Tab to view the score